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Back To The Garage - Podcast May - June 2015

Playlist Served By Jamie

Renee – The Chocolate Factory
Just What I Want - The Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Express - The Chocolate Factory
Eight Arms - The Chocolate Factory
Can’t You See That He’s Mine – The Bristols
Come On Back – The Bristols
The Way I Feel About You – The Bristols
You’re Gonna Need My Lovin’ – The Creeps
Please Give Me Something – Hidden Charms
Inside Your Mind – The Wayward Souls
Dirt – Occasional Dead Flys
Luie Luie – Los Explosivos
A Toda Velocidad – Los Explosivos
Now Hear This – The Split Squad
Superman Says – The Split Squad
Lorraine Exotica – King Automatic
Plan B – King Automatic

Playlist Served By Jamie

Nitroglycerine – The Gories
Makin’ Love – The Gories
That Little Girl – The Black Hollies
If You Wont Let Go – The Black Hollies
Baby, What You Want Me To Do – Chocolate Factory
Las Vegas - Chocolate Factory
High on Olymp - Chocolate Factory
What’s Going On - Chocolate Factory
You Don’t Know - Chocolate Factory
All I Want – The Dirty Lovers
Shanty Tramp – The Dirty Lovers
Bottle Beat – Bottle Up
Back in My Dreams – The Watermelon Men
Sudden Death – Slobster
Isabel – The Mullens
Red Ring – The Mullens
Somethin’ For – The Mullens
How Many More Years – The Mullens

Playlist Served By Jamie

Hush – Chocolate Factory
Married Girl – Daisy Chain
Magic Pen – Daisy Chain
When I Don’t Know – Daisy Chain
Leaves Are Turning Brown – The Tyme Society
When I See Her eyes – The Tyme Society
Higher Ground – Problem
Change My Ways – The Shoutless
39 Steps – The Preachers
99 Bye Byes – The Pyromaniacs
Sunshine Changes Everything – The Early Hours
The Girl I Haven’t Met – The Early Hours
Step Back in Time – The Early Hours
Surfin’ Hearse – The Splatcats
Sin 73 – The Splatcats

Playlist Served By Jamie

How I Won the War – The Grip Weeds
Inner Light – The Grip Weeds
Mrs Wylde – The Scrap Yard
Why Do I Cry – The Scrap Yard
Too Old – The Scrap Yard
Little Latin Lupe Lu – The Back Door Men
I Fought the Law - The Back Door Men
Going Her Own Way - The Back Door Men
Going Home - The Back Door Men
The People in Me - The Back Door Men
Are You Gonna Be There - The Back Door Men
Psycho - The Back Door Men
What’s Your Poison – King Automatic
It’s Just a Matter of Time – The Telltale Hearts
Everything I’ve Got To Give - The Telltale Hearts
One Girl - The Telltale Hearts

Playlist  Served By Jamie

It’s a Mystery – The Sick Rose
Don’t Come With Me – The Sick Rose
Apeman 2000 – The Maggots
Two Ft Tall – The Maggots
Motorbikin’ – Sex Museum
Booboo’s Theme – Sex Museum
Drugged Personality – Sex Museum
Red Hot – The Milkshakes
Dull Knife – The Milkshakes
Surfin’ Butcher – The Beach Bitches
Paranoid Zombie – The Beach Bitches
Put a Chain (Around My Neck) – Daisy Chain
Get Ya! – Daisy Chain
Tomorrow Will Remain – The Belltower
Tried So Hard – The Belltower
It’s Not Me – The Telltale Hearts
No Surprise – The Telltale Hearts
Bye Bye baby – The Telltale Hearts

Only 34 Min.!!!
Playlist Served By Jamie

Slave Girl – The Morning Shakes
Look What You’ve Done to Me – The Morning Shakes
Warn Me – The Youth
I’m Fine – The Youth
La Dosi – Els Trons
Dempa M'Afeitaràs – Els Trons
No Tens Cor – Els Trons
Be Nice – The Gories
On the Run – The Gories
Bo Weevils – The Bo Weevils
Merry-Go-Round – The Bo Weevils
Have You Been to Mars? – The Bo Weevils
You Know – The Bo Weevils
You Aint No Friend of Mine – The Pandoras
I’m Here I’m Gone – The Pandoras
That’s Your Way Out – The Pandoras
Why – The Pandoras
You Lie – The Pandoras

13 & 20 June No Broadcasting

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