samedi 15 juillet 2017

Back To The Garage - Psychedelic Sideshow Summerspecial 15-7-2017

Psychedelic Sideshow Served By Jamie
Playlist 15-7-2017

1. The Ganzfeld Effect – Psychedelic Sounds of the Underground
2. Kaleidoscope - Psychedelic Sounds of the Underground
3. Ritual - The Sundowners
4. The Lens – Thee Oh Sees
5. Visions of My Mind – Levitation Room
6. I Won’t Remind You – The Lears
7. Candles and Birds – The Lears
8. House of Worms - Plasticland
9. Dandelion – Baby Woodrose
10. She’s in Another World – Flyte Reaction
11. Secret Garden – Flyte Reaction

3 commentaires:

Polar Bear a dit…

My blog want as a friend.
Good luck.

amusicalguy a dit…

What album are the two songs by The Lears from? And how do I get it?

Garageland a dit…

@amusicalguy just look here:

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