Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

Back To The Garage - Podcast 20-7-2013

Playlist 20-7-2013 Served By Jamie
Psychedelic Sideshow

Slow Motion – Sun Dial
Can’t Keep My Eyes Open – Paperhead
Thimble Full of Puzzles – The Lears
Thoughts of You By Acid – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Never By Acid – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Citadel – The Flight Reaction
Mourning Light – The Flight Reaction
House of Peppermint – The Wicked Whispers
Amanda Lavender – The Wicked Whispers
The Time Was Wrong – The Embrooks
Natasha – The Embrooks
Seagull – The Ride
Life Is On

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