dimanche 15 février 2015

Back To The Garage - Podcast 14-2-2015

Playlist 14-2-2015 Served By Jamie

Lonely and Blue - 60 Second Swingers
60 Second Swingers - 60 Second Swingers
I Would Cry – The Teamsters
She’s Got Nine Lives - The Teamsters
At the Canal After Dark - The Teamsters
Love Itch – Death By Unga Bunga
Out of my Mynd - Death By Unga Bunga
1-2-5 – The Future Primitives
Victim of Circumstances – Le Chelsea Beat
Save Our Souls - Le Chelsea Beat
I Need To Know – The Maharajas
The Only Thing To Do - The Maharajas
I’m Gonna Leave - The Maharajas
I’m the Greatest Lover - The Maharajas
Action – The Ramblers
No Love, No Satisfaction – The Ramblers
Get Me to the World on Time – Mondo Topless
Gonna Find a Cave – Mondo Topless
Asteroid B-612 – Mondo Topless

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