Samstag, 21. Februar 2015

Back To The Garage - Podcast 21-2-2015

Playlist 21-2-2015 Served By jamie

Hang Up – The Miracle Workers
You Don’t Know - The Miracle Workers
One Step Closer – The Undertakers
Time Machine – The Undertakers
Girl In the Red Skirt - The Teamsters
There’s Always Someone – The Teamsters
You Make Me Wanna Give In - The Teamsters
Trouble Girl – The Stoneage Hearts
Eye of a Lie – The Stoneage Hearts
Don’t Come Around – The Minnesota Voodoo Men
That Is Rock ‘n’ Roll - The Minnesota Voodoo Men
Her Letters on the Bricks - The Minnesota Voodoo Men
Let Me In - The Minnesota Voodoo Men
Jezebel - The Outta Sites
Black ‘n’ Hairy - The Shindiggers
Cry – The Sleepwalkers
Boss Hoss – The Sleepwalkers
Out of My Head - The Miracle Workers
Psycho - The Miracle Workers

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