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Back To The Garage - Mai & Juni 2016

Playlist 7-5-2016 By Jamie

Live at the Dirty Water Club – The Standells
The Girl From Baltimore – The Fleshtones
The World Has Changed – The Fleshtones
Boom! Dynamite! – The Courettes
T-C-H-A-U – The Courettes
Feel Good – Sick Rose
C’mon Over to My House – The Detroit Cobras
Bad Girl - The Detroit Cobras
I’ll Keep Holding On - The Detroit Cobras
Village of Love - The Detroit Cobras
I Can Only Give You Everything – The Mystics
Go Away – The Satelliters
Sweet Sensation – The Satelliters
Anything I Do – The Satelliters
It’s Over Now – Thee Fine Lines
She’s Kind of Evil – Thee Fine Lines

Playlist 14-5-2016 By Jamie

Hey! The Gruesomes
You Byrn Me Up and Down – The Satelliters
The Last Complaint of Clarence Man – The Satelliters
The First Rays of Light – The Satelliters
Live at the Dirty Water Club – The Stems
Available – The Fleshtones
Lets Live – The Fleshtones
Hey Sailor - The Detroit Cobras
Hot Dog - The Detroit Cobras
Fall - The Detroit Cobras
Tonight - The Detroit Cobras
Where Do We Go From Here – The Chesterfield Kings
Louie, Go Home – The Chesterfield Kings
Sleep on the Floor – The Seducers

Playlist 21-5-2016 By Jamie

Don’t Bother Me Again – The Mynd Gardeners
Misinterpreted – The Mynd Gardeners
Get Your Mind Made Up – Sick Rose feat. Dom Mariani
Girl on the Train - Sick Rose feat. Dom Mariani
Lover Come Back To Me - Sick Rose feat. Dom Mariani
My Girl Maryanne - Sick Rose feat. Dom Mariani
Hanging on the Telephone – The Nerves
Don’t Look Down – The Masonics
Stoneage Man - The Satelliters
Five Man Band - The Satelliters
Burn Out - The Satelliters
Live at the Dirty Water Club – The Urges
Downhill Without Brakes - The Flaming Stars

Playlist 28-5-2016 By Jamie

Stand Up – Freddy and the Fourgone Conclusions
Brutal Blues – Black Magic Six
Live at the Dirty Water Club – The Wilderbeests
I’m Gonna Make You mine – Baby Woodrose
Information Overload – Baby Woodrose
Hello Again – The Daily Planet
She Rides – The Daily Planet
Baby’s Gone For Good - BJ’s New Breed
One Man Woman – BJ’s New Breed
One and One is Three – The Mourning After
Drivin’ Me Insane – The Mourning After
Tomorow is Another Day – The Satelliters
Wham Bam Thank You Man - The Satelliters
1969 – The End of Time - The Satelliters


Playlist 11-6-2016 By Jamie

1. Take One Sessions – The Rev. Beat Man
2. Don’t Give Up Now – The Lyres
3. Help You Ann – The Bad Beats
4. Knock Yourself Out – The Bad Beats
5. Neandertal Comet – The Chud
6. Point of No Return – The Chud
7. We’re Pretty Quick – The Madd
8. If You Don’t Come Back – The Madd
9. Zombie Wok – Karova’s Milk Shake
10. When Night Falls - Karova’s Milk Shake
11. Night Carnival - Karova’s Milk Shake
12. Shame - Karova’s Milk Shake
13. Rain – The Punkles

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