Samstag, 15. Oktober 2016

Back To The Garage - Podcast 15-10-2016

Playlist 15.10.16 Served By Jamie

Fools Gold Rush – Datura4
Trolls – Datura4
An Invitation to Cry - Eagle & the Worm
You’re Gonna Miss Me – The Laurels
Puro Balanco – Os Pontas
Rinha de Moares – Os Pontas
Under the Glare – The Dirtiest
Restless Feeling – The Dirtiest
Shout Boy – The Dirtiest
Mall Party – The Dirtiest
100cc - The Lyres
Velvet Illusions – The Phantom Keys
Hippie Chick – Baby Woodrose
Hurtin’ Inside – The Hoodwinks

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