Montag, 2. April 2018

Back To The Garage - Podcast 31-3-2018

Playlist 31-3-2018 Served By Jamie
Fire Fire – The Gore Gore Girls
Sweet Potato – The Gore Gore Girls
Forgotten – The Gore Gore Girls
Come On - Dee Rangers featuring Don Craine
Don’t Bring Me Down - Dee Rangers featuring Don Craine
Everything I’ve Got Dee Rangers featuring Don Craine
My Daddy There? - Dee Rangers featuring Don Craine
Walk Like an Egyptian (Karaoke) – Kim, Paula, Sheri Pandora
Joyride – The 21st Century Pandoras
Flashback Forever - The 21st Century Pandoras
God Bless the 45 – The Barracudas
Festival Pop – The Barracudas
Eastern Girls – The Barracudas
Hoodoo Hop – Thee Courettes
Time is Ticking - Thee Courettes
Come Inside - Thee Courettes
South Of Folkungagatan – The Baboon Show
Born Loser – The Legend Killers
Seven Inch Record – Thee Wyld Oscars
Wild Ass Twist - Thee Wyld Oscars

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